My Case is a secure, online application which allows you to view your current case status or other case information on your active case(s) before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB).

Sign in or sign up to view your current cases with IRB

  • Sign in with a GCKey user ID and password if you do not use a Sign-In Partner.
  • Register for a GCKey user ID and password if you don't have one.

Registration process and electronic document submission

Before registering for My Case, please read My Case portal registration and submission of documents,
For more information on electronic document submission, please read Practice Notice – Electronic Exchange of Documents Using My Case,
For additional information on the functionalities of My Case, refer to the My Case User Guide.

For your protection

Protect your passwords in public, don’t share passwords or PINs online or over the phone, even with family.
Never choose to have your Web browser remember your credentials.
Always log off or sign out of accounts and websites when you are finished; don't just close your browser

  • sign out of your account every time you leave the computer, and
  • clear your browser’s cache and close your browser after your online session

Help and Support

Get help for using My Case.